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okay, let's see hereeee

What's a freighter ship? Is that a real word? Apparently...

I guess this is a economic game or something... I don't really get it. Oh well, the gameplay and characters will totally be better, right?


What last game? Why didn't you name it "Star Pilot II: Paradox"? I guess we're not really going into detail with this...

DLC? What is this kind of madness? The game's already short, so you didn't have enough time to finish it?

Okay, here's an idea, FINISH MAKING THE GAME.

Speaking of the DLC, it's rather pricy. 10 dollars for a death ray? It better be physically touchable, or I'm just going to buy Cave Story/Mighty Switch Force, which are probably less.

Heck, who's the mysterious guy on the cover? What is anything?

I need a break from this madness.

Oh, and I rate it a three. Not bad, just middling.

Cory's in da house.

Rated by Overclocked President, Sorastitch. STILL THE BEST 1975

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