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Hybrid Co.

I do not belong with these sorts of views as I'm full of harsh satire. But I'll get straight to the point. I had to correct many grammar edits and deadlinks. Not a good sign already. So many grammar edits were made by me and a story which could be much more isn't expanded on enough. No links for the characters is one of the few signs of lack of depth in this game. Informal language such as random capitals add to the badly laid out interface and could use some tables. I cannot feel any connection with the characters, how do they move? What are they like? Are they enraged criminals or fluffy charity workers? I don't know. Your guess is as good as mine. They aren't really that original either, what makes him different from the rest of his species. What is a Topline game? The gameplay is bland and isn't expanded on at all and no levels are discussed. Are there enemies, bosses or obstacles. What makes this game easy/hard. I must stop now as more bad points will hurt you more. I will leave you with a good point, there are no spelling errors and good categories. But other than that I am very disappointed. I can't believe that this game is even being accepted by FGN to be reviewed. 0.5 stars.

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