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After returning, somebody gave me their card and told me to review this. After fighting a army of bad guys and stuff. Then I saw the article.

Alange is getting upset on how I do my reviews now, so for this, I'm going really in depth about it. We're going to pull quotes from the game itself. This is really some thing different, so Alange you better hold onto the edge of your seat for this one.

Nothing has prepared you for this moment...
Night Bloody


It features a mix of traditional shaolin-based music/theme along with an electronic touch. The fighting style is very bloody and bone-crunching.
Night Blud

An electronic touch? Whatever. You could have said that the fighting style was similar to Mortal Kombat. But that's finnnne. You can do whateva ya'll want.

The game was a response by Midway's highly successful Mortal Kombat, which was spawned by a number of fighting games. It uses a fighting system similar from the Street Fighter formula.
Night Bliid

Plagiarism!!! You know who else did plagiarism? Hilter Jr!!!!

blah blah controls blah blah
Night Blizzard


Years ago, the annual Shaolin Tournament, long the most prestigious fighting tournament in the world, was held by an old wizard and a strange humanoid creature, who entered the tournament and defeated the Noble Pao Lei. This Draman warrior was named Juro, who became the ultimate fighting champion for the next five hundred years. This was all part of Shen Long's plan to tip the balance into chaos and help the Underworld conquer the Earth.
Bight Blood

this is some deep stuff

Night Blood revolves around the three main characters. Chen Lei, a shaolin monk recruited by an agency to investigate a tournament hosted by Shen Long, since they believe he has kept a secret behind the contest. Steve Blaze, a british martial artist and playboy billionaire, and Sara White, an interpol from New York.
Blood Night

WOAHHHHHH A PLAYBOY BILLIONAIRE!!!!! Too bad Sara White's not as cool as Steve FREAKING BLAZE!!!!!

Everyone's fate would forever change in the next tournament. Shen Long watches senslessly as everyone fights to the death and then claps for the victor. And if fighters were lucky enough, they would face the 5,000 year old Draman warrior, named Juro. He remains undefeated for the past generations. He won the title of grand champion by defeating Pao Lei, a shaolin monk. And now.. Earth's fate hangs in the balance in this tournament.
Monkeys playing Night Boold

Wouldn't Juro be in the hospital, on life support at this point? I guess you would be pretty lucky then, getting to hang out with hot nurses while you beat a old man senselessly.

characters blah blah blah raptor blah blah
Night Beetleblood

There's only one unlockable character, and it's a raptor? BEST GAME EVER.

Stages that are in a list blah blah
Night Bloodé

I kind of wish there was a table for the characters and stages. I think it would be better for the article. Wait, did I just say something thought-provoking? I must be loosing my mind.

okay I guess that wraps up everything. I wish things like characters and stages were in a table, I wish that the characters had more variety to them. The only one that really stood out to me was the Raptor. Everyone else was either a Mortal-Kombat inspired character or somebody that just became really easily forgettable. Oh, and more unlockable characters and how to unlock them.

The story isn't really important, but I kind of want to know what happens at the end, dang it!

Cory is running for president.

Rated by Overclocked President, Sorastitch. Monkeys like beating up old men in hospitals!

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