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This page is an FGN review page of New Super Mario Bros. VR, therefore, do not edit unless you're a member.

These are the reviews for New Super Mario Bros. VR

469 Inc.'s review

This VR game is good for starters. I think this is very good and Bowser was great to add, but it gets:


HalerN Inc.

Rank: A: Superb!
This VR game is very good, and Petey Piranha, Bowser, Bowser Jr., and Big Bob-omb where good ideas to add. And this game is really run, & the best proof is the Virtual Virus. This is really a great game. Also, I'm looking forward to reviewing NSMBDIY, but I'd rather review NSMBVR first. I sure hope NSMBDIY will also be good. =D.

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