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The story is short and sweet, with a side of to-the-pointness. However, some more details would be nice, like explaining where Bowser got the ray that makes Mario walk forwards. The game also lacks details such as what system it runs on (although it reads like a WiiWare title). The character list is also to-the-point, but has more content than the story. The artworks look semi-professional (with the exception being Boom-Boom, who looks like he was poorly cropped out of something), and the other sections are short and neat (with an exception being the Level list).

  • Pros: Short, sweet, to-the-point
  • Cons: Some details left unclear by author
  • Overall Rating: FGNStarNFGNStarNFGNStarNFGNStarHFGNStarE
    Three and a half out of five.

Power Productions

Cool little concept here. Fun game, great for a little time killer. The avatar maker is a nice addition too. It IS really short for a Mario game, and it feels more little Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 2 than New Super Mario Bros. Still, I gotta give credit where credit is due. The bosses are pretty unique for NSMB, the Yoshi is a nice mechinac, it's nice to see Birdo and Daisy in main series games again, and I find the logo quite pretty. I'll pull a few strings and give ye a 4.5.

  • Overall Rating: FGNStarNFGNStarNFGNStarNFGNStarNFGNStarH
    Four and a half out of five.

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