BG Inc.

Rank: B

The game is about Mick going to Isle Granchino (an island that appeared in Super Mario Sunshine 2: BOTFI) and meeting Nick, who challenges him to a surfing contest. He has 30 days to practice and to do that he gets help from an old resident that used to be a surfing champ to teach him how to surf. But little does he know Nick made an alliance with the Volcano God. When the race comes he wins, even though there were Volcano monsters trying to destroy him at the same time he's trying to win the race. The volcano god gets mad and puts nick into the volcano. Now the Volcano God tries to destroy the island and Mick must save it. It's a good plot, interesting characters and sort of interesting places. But he doesn't really have any moves than just jumping, picking up things and throwing them. Also the places don't have really interesting names. Examples: The City, the Jungle area and ETC. So this game is good, but it could of been better. So I will give it a B.

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