These are the reviews for McBoo's Mansion 2.

469 Inc.'s review

Well, for McBoo's Mansion games, I say they are like, meh. McBoo is one of the cool characters, but I'm rating this a:


Twenty-Second Choice

Rank: B-: Overly Great To start this off, the one thing that annoys me most about this game is Booberry. As so many games on Fantendo have fallen victim to this cliche, so has McBoo's Mansion. McBoo meets a girl named Booberry, and then they fall in love. Immediately. As if that ever happens in real life... and even if it is Mario, you can't really use that as an excuse because in the Mario games, there isn't much actual romance, but Mario has to go cross almost the entire world and save the princess before she kisses him.

The storyline is somewhat mediocre, involving some framing, kidnapping, saving the world, evil clones, etc.

However, like the first game in the series, McBoo's Mansion 2 contains an original cast of characters (or as original as Mario fancharacters get), and is generally above the standard of many other Fantendo games Anyway, I'm too lazy to write a big review, so I'll just give it a B-. Because the characters and artwork are good enough to make up for the storyline.

Icey Inc.

Rank: A: Superb!
EEA Inc. had pretty good ideas for this, there was nice artwork, and McBoo's Mansion 2 had a nice storyline. And, the best thing is the McBoo sprite. It was pretty cool and really great, this also has a great boxart. This needs gameplay though.

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