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Mario Kart: Hot Pursuit 2, sequel to Mario Kart: Hot Pursuit, an open-world racing game in which you must take down the Blacklist 12, a group of elite, wanted racers while being chased by cop- wait.



There is basically no plot in the game, aside from taking down the Blacklist 12, there is no sort of story whatsoever in the game.


The developers did try to put effort into the gameplay, I can see that, but it just collapses in on itself. Firstly, in the regular racing mode, you get to play as your own character in your own car and try race other racers on the streets. Then, there are the police.

Mario, is a hero, not a fugitive.

I really do not see the point in implementing the police aside from making this game a GTA knockoff with Mario's face slapped all over it, it just doesn't fit. Anyway, during the campaign races, should you win enough, you can unlock a race against a member of the Blacklist 12. You can only play as Mario during these segments, and you are to face one of the 12, depending on the race count. As per usual with Clover-Entertainment games, you get to destroy stuff, including buildings. Yes, even buildings. There is also now a "Car-Collection" aspect of the game, where you have to buy cars instead of just having them all at once, which is basically a ploy to get more play-time out of players. Yes, I know, Mario Kart does have an unlock system as well, but at least you get to do unique challenges to get each kart instead of having to collect enough money to buy a car.. There is now a heat-system which determines whether or not police are aggressive or not, again, a GTA knockoff. Finally, there is a Multiplayer Mode, wherein you basically just compare statistics.

Character Aesthetics/Design

By putting characters in with real-life cars, Clover is basically doing something as lazy as this;



That aside, let us first take a look at the boxart. The boxart looks rather lazily done, with, in my opinion, is just not my thing. It's a Mario game, with about three explosions in the background in an Urban City, it just does not fit.


My verdict is, it is basically an improvement of the first game, but not by a longshot.

One and a half out of five..

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