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These are the reviews for Mario & Luigi: Spectacular Adventure.

EEA Inc.

Rank: B-: Overly Great
I've got to say, Mario & Luigi: Spectacular Adventure looks very unattractive right now, with the boxart and long lists of classic enemies, but really, you can't judge a book by it's cover. See, the main focus of the game is the story, which I see as a long detailed storyline. Next to that is a nice table will many enemies with their locations, in RPG format. Then I look at the character list, most are returning from the other M&L games, but looking closer, I see Chip, a new Star Sprite, King Frosty (sounds cool), and then Snook, Bowshroom, and Cackful. See, it's the games with the awesome images and artworks that get the attention around here, so if these characters had artworks, more people would notice them (not saying you have make any). But then I click on Bowshroom and I get a detailed storyline for the character, noting that you put great work into the game. I say, the game's not awesome IMO, but still, it's overly great. To finalize the review, the bosses look really cool and the concept art is great!

Icey Inc.

Rank: C: Mutual
It seems it could be a fun unattractive game, list of enemies where long, although the article and stoyrline are like meh. I agree with EEA Inc on the Bowshroom. Although the article is meh, but it's still okay, and there are pretty interesting enemies.

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