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This page is an FGN review page of Mario & Luigi: Fawful's Return, therefore, do not edit unless you're a member.


  • Reviewer: Metroidfan01 (tbc), President, CEO, and Founder; Vortex Gaming Industries, Inc.

Warning: Fairly short and blunt review ahead

At first glance, the game seemed promising, but upon closer examination it seemed lax in a few places.

The story, for one thing, started out somewhat cool, but the coolness didn't last past the first paragraph. The remainder of the story starts bad and gets worse, finally concluding with an under-explained final boss battle.

The gameplay is (and this is very blunt) dull and uninteresting in this reviewer's opinion.

The character list brushes over everyone quickly.... moving on.

Trivia, etc.

One and a half out of five..

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