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First Impression

When I first laid eyes on this project during the summer, my first reaction was "What the hell is this?". The reason why I said that, was not because I was being mean, really it was because I was wondering why there was a game that featured Steve Jobs, Homer Simpson, Darth Vader, and Kermit the Frog in an RPG! It was quite unusual, but after reading some of the others, I found it laughable! I laughed even more when Sora and Leet came up with a name for it, Baby Waffles! I didn't even get the name at all! (It had no babies, and nobody ate any waffles!)


The story is quite simple really. You live in New York (which now covers three states....), and you try and get a job. Your choices include SHIELD, Springfield, and Gotham City. You then go off to a...just read the article, cause I don't feel like finishing this part....


The gameplay is pretty much hard to explain. Its kinda lika an RPG mixed with a Simulator mixed with a 3D World. I dunno if someone else has tried this before on Fantendo yet....


I'm gonna be honest, all of the worlds are either based on real-life places or places from TV Shows. However it is an "Author Appeal Project", so I'll cut Sora some slack.


Sora's choice of characters were very interesting, and the only fault I can find with the roster is the fact that Sir Topham Hatt is working with Darth Vader. The reason I find fault with that is because Topham is a polite British gentleman, and I can't picture him as a villian. If Sora decides to make another Baby Waffle, I would suggest using Sir Wyatt Fronts from Tales From the Other Railway. The reason is because Fronts is a jerk, and an alcholic. Also he abuses his engines, and for some reason I can picture him working with Darth Vader.



I give this game five stars! The reason why is because Sora has put a lot of time and effort into this game. I can tell that he tried planning a good story, and the fact that he put all of his favorite characters in there, shows that he really wanted to have fun with this project. The game is well written, with no spelling or grammar mistakes at all. Reviewing this game makes me look foward to any future projects that Overclocked will have in store for us.

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