This page is an FGN review page of Kirby VR 10th Anniversary, therefore, do not edit unless you're a member.

Walange Corporation

This is the typical anniversary game but in this case about Kirby.

The story is maybe short and quite general. I think it shouldn't be too much different, it'd make a different game. But it could be a bit longer (it's just four lines). Despite of that, the extra missions are very and well developed. It'd be a pleasure for any player.

The cover is something very well-worked. It resumes very well Kirby's history and to be sincere, it's very beautiful. The ability images are very interesting, but there should be an explanation about how they work, for people that have never played Kirby games.

There could be a list of enemies and characters, but anyways, they are more or less shown in the worlds place.

Three out of five.

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