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It is a Christmas miracle and so FGN is quickly revived so we can review Clover Entertainment's Hulk game and... well it is what you expect from a Clover game, blow shit up. But let's dive in this other Clover game where you blow shit up. 2013 sure was a great year.

So the plot is, there is an evil guy that wants to use Hulk's DNA to create evil Hulks and take over the world.


But then we have our here Hulk here to save the world while murdering innocent civilians and wrecking overly expensive buildings! Our hero, ladies and frogs.

The gameplay is well wreck shit up and you get upgrades to wreck more shit up. Also the gameplay section mentions Abomination and Dr. Doom are bosses in this game but the hell are they doing here?

The gamemodes are wreck shit up freely, buy upgrades to wreck shit up wreck shit up in a set pattern and wreck shit up online.

The characters sections contains Wikipedia links in case you want to know those "difficult terms", which I approve, I always wanted to know what rage means. You can also play as Iron Man on a Deoxys-Attack form! Wait, what is J. Jonah Jameson doing here? Actually, never mind, is he playable? Oh god, I can't wait to wreck shit up as J. Jonah Jameson! Oh wait, he isn't, such wasted opportunity. But wait, you can play as Gray Hulk! or Slightly More Insane Version of Hulk! or the 2003 Hulk! or Wreck-It Ralph wait what

Also I would like to point out that Dr. Doom isn't even mentioned on the boss section and the game mode sections mentions 4 giant envoirments... but there is only two. Fake advertising ahoy.

But yeah, it is your standard Clover stuff. A plot that doesn't explains why Hulk is killing a hundred of civilians or destroying buildins, an uninteresting plot, no playable J. Jonah Jameson, fake advertising and etc.


  • Well, it makes sense for this game being a wreck shit up game, since the first game was also about wrecking shit up.


  • Unoriginality, seriously, it is another wreck shit up game from Clover.

One out of five...

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