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There is a evil side of fan-made game ideas.

There is a company called Clover Entertainment. For years now, they have dulled our minds with explosions, robots, dragons, Godzilla, and Transformers.

I tried talking my non-existent agent out of doing this review, but was unable to. My suffering is all too real.

I was able to catch a another whiff of Clover's upcoming games for F3. It is a remake. Remakes are rarely good unless you have Sunday Shoes and dance. This game has neither.

Smashing buildings. Smashing buildings. SMASHING BUILDINGS.

There is a expansion pack, which is basically a fancy word for "We didn't finish the game, so we're making you pay more money for the full version." DLC can be good if it's just some costumes that don't change game play, or if it's available for everyone in way or another. This is not the good kind.

There are 7 modes. There are 20 characters. A decent arsenal. I wish there were some other stage types other than cities, but no. I have been denied.

Cory's settling in!

Rated by Overclocked President, Sorastitch. SMASHING BUILDINGS!!!

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