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This page is an FGN review page of Ghost Smile, therefore, do not edit unless you're a member.

These are the reviews for Ghost Smile (game).

Spritez Inc.'s review

I really like the game, the Universal shift is genius, though complicated, and it makes the game pretty long, as you must beat all the Universes to face the final boss. I know it's a short review, but I'm giving this a:


GamerX Inc.

Rank: A: Superb!
This is really creative game, & is proof that you don't need an extremely long article or a lot of images to be a great game. The only problem I had with it, & the thing keeping it from getting an A+, is the fact that it doesn't list the level or what have to do to get each individual shard. But that's only a minor complaint, & it's overall still a great game.

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