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Topline Studios

Rank : A- : Amazing

Fruity Adventure Racing is everything you ever expected in a Fruity Toucan racing game. The game has a bunch of modes to player never gets bored of game. The control is good. The adventure mode , I don't like of a Foot Racing. But the rest of the Adventure Mode is good. The game is a dream who came true.

Hybrid Co.

After being a huge fan of viewing Fruity Speedway 64. I expected highly of a more mature, and established modern sequel through the eyes of the estranged Rare worker. But I was saddened to see a half-completed list as the reviewable product. Where are the epic images these characters have? Where did the stats go? How do the characters play different. Cup arts, what is Macaw Island like? How are the levels different. In short, this is a huge letdown to previous winners. Ask to review a better title next time. Sorry for being harsh, but this could be so much more epic and is half-completed. The items are there and nice and desribed as many other modes in the game, but they need elaborating on with depth. My imagination needs to be used for this, like how creative Rare's (and FS64) was. Just gets a 3star

Pika Productions


I'm a huge fan of Fruity Speedway 64, so this game was pretty good. It has a slight lack of photos, but other than that, it's completely amazing.

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