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Power Productions

Well, damn. This freaking series is still going. After 15 games, the majority of which not even finished, we've gotten a reboot. And it gets worse. There are already 3 games annouced for this "reboot trilogy." I mean, honestly, if all you're gonna give us is more characters, stages, and items, make it DLC! Although, I'm not say this game is bad, it's great for parties AND competitive players, it's just WAY too overdone. The character roster is great, my only real gripe being the lack of RedYoshi. They're also painstakingly easy to unlock, but hey, I guess that makes it easier for the guys who play it at parties. The stages are great fun, and the control is quite fluid. The Adventure actually really good. I was going to give this a three, but that Adventure Mode is the ONE SINGLE REASON you need to buy this game! Pretty good, but this series should've stopped a while ago. Seriously, it's just a fighting game!

Manstar WIP

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