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Fritez Co.

Alright here comes another review. I've never played the EarthBound/Mother series so I don't have much with this but I have read some of the stories on the EarthBound Wiki. Here goes nothing!


A good deep story much like a real EarthBound game (accourding to the wiki) I looks like you put some effort into it Heart.


I'm pleased you didn't fill up the roster with like 14 characters. You put some detail into those descriptions and not only that but you told many details about the characters. I personally like the roster.


Again, I still like how you aren't going overboard on worlds. I kinda wish you put more info about the areas but good job!


Nice job with the extaras. This tops it off.


This is a great game! With very few flaws and cons I personally think it's really awesome! Just finish up the story and I can call it complete.


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