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Rest in pasta B&K.

Anyway, let's go see B&K: Chronicles. The gameplay section mentions that it is basically a Metroidvania with B&K slapped on it. As for the rest, it is still the BK everyone knows and love. Seriously, there is nothing new. It is just B&K in 2D.

The plot is something new, however. Unlike many B&K games that are just "GRUNTILDA is BACK! shes evil get her you fucking lazy ass bear and bird", it is a new antagonist that takes the form of a living nightmare, that invades the duo dreams and now the player has to pick between Banjo or Kazooie. This is a pretty nice idea and I wonder why Brock forgot about mentioning it on the gameplay section. Guess I shouldn't have jumped into conclusions earlier... but like how the game would play like? Sure, you could separte Banjo and Kazooie in Banjo-Tooie but let's be serious, Banjo without Kazooie isn't B&K.

There is not much on the article, it is a nice idea but the article doesn't expands that idea and just leaves that idea up to imagination instead of explaining of how this works which makes me confused about the separation between Banjo and Kazooie. I mean, most of the puzzles of the original B&K required Banjo's mobility with Kazooie's abilities to solve them but how they are going to work now? The article never explains.

The worlds section only have one world for Banjo and four for Kazooie and they aren't even new, they are just levels from the previous games.

It has potentional but the article is just short and never like shows any new shining idea that changes the way of how B&K plays now or how it makes B&K gameplay better it is just it is a 2D B&K game. That's it.


  • Has potentional.


  • It is just like a decent movie that ends at the point where it gets good.

Two and a half out of five.

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