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Animal Crossing Rumble Explosion review

By Sorastitch, Overclocked

Cory's settling in!

I admit I picked this game mostly because of it's silly name. But who wouldn't? The name implies rumbling explosions.

But instead of a animal crossing game with explosions somehow mixed in, we get a fighting game with animal crossing characters. Also Goldie, who's a yellow toad.

The art is made with MS Paint, which makes it immediately bad. Like, seriously bad. There is original art that somehow only becomes a shadow of what it was originally supposed to be. A lost cry when the image was stretched.

I don't recall Crazy Redd becoming a generic super villain but here he is one, without a slight bit of irony. He's looking for a energy source called "Pyrus" and the rest of the story is just really generic and it's not fun to read either, with the amulets being assigned to characters in the middle of the story.

I don't really get the reason why you would want to rest in a hotel in this game. The gameplay describes this as Smash Meets Animal Crossing, LITERALLY! Seems really lumped together without really a idea on how it actually plays.

Characters are just kind of boring. I didn't really think any stood out.

The music choices are just bad but you're not forced to listen to them, so eh.

I mean, it's clear a lot of effort went into this but it just feels really cobbled together and not really coherent. And where's the explosions? The rumbles?

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