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FF Graviton RPG is a 2023 RPG game for the PlayStation Vita system. It's a spin-off of the game Graviton.


The Prologue

Viper has created a alternate dimension, where HE is the boss ! But Bridge is there to stop him - something Viper knows very well. Viper then decides to take Bridge's buddies and takes him to his world - but Bridge follows -. Well yeah, first he must invade the base.

Chapter I: The Portal Room

Chapter II: An Alternate Reality

Chapter IV: Viper's Fortress

Chapter V: Interloper Detected.

Chapter VI: Enemy Face-off

Chapter VII: The Plot

Chapter VIII: The Top

Chapter IX/Finale

Gameplay (under extreme construction)

The game plays similarly like the Mario & Luigi series and South Park: The Stick of Truth. Players move around areas to explore, doing quests and collecting collectibles. Colliding with a enemy starts a battle. The player and the foe(s) attack in turns. There are several ways to attack. Several missions must be done and the player can travel from island to island.

Playable Characters

Name and Description - Stats - Major Attacks

  • Bridge Lizard is the main protagonist of the game. - 420 HP, 200 MP/SP, 320 SPEED and 70 DEF - Chameleon Tongue, Tailswipe
  • Sir Tron is Bridge's friend and cyborg. - 513 HP, 301 MP/SP, 400 SPEED, 120 DEF - Arm Blaster Cannon, Circular Saw + Drill


  • Viper (Various Persons Endure Radiator) is the primary antagonist and a graceless sadist. He has 9760 HP.
  • Monitor the Komodo Dragon is the secondary antagonist and a master manipulator. He has 6000 HP.
  • Cayman the Gharial is a Deinosuchus and the tertiary antagonist with 5999 HP.
  • Aquasom the Salamander, The Newt and Worm the Caecilian are a deadly trio and they all have 1000 HP.
  • Toadfrog and Hoptoad are a frog and a toad, respectively. Hoptoad is not fought himself, but Toadfrog turns into Bullfrog and has 3500 HP in that state.
  • Despot Monocrat the Dictator (Despot M. the Dictator): The main antagonist of the game, who grows out to a tyrant and absolute ruler after Viper's defeat. He is the final boss and has 11023 HP.

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