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This example made by Samtendo09 (tbc) and only him can edit the example.

To put a number out of ten, simply replace the # by a number you wanted to put.

Reviewed by Samtendo09


Swiss is a stickman-like character with a cheesehead (no, really!) with a red baseball hat. His creator, SuperDuperMarioKirby (tbc), wanted to see if he really is good. Let me check...

Physical Appearence

Just like mentionned, blue stickman-like body, with yellow gloves and shoes, with no eyes and mouth? More like a living cheese than a character. However, it is just funny to see this so I give this 6 out of ten.



Cheese Bomb. Obviously. Original yet almost powerful. I don't see other abilities, though. (Pun warning!) I however think that since he is a Cheese Cryptor, he can crypte cheeses.



Unwritten on his article. I have no idea what his personality is. However I can predit that he is nice and a good sence of justice. Too bad that no one knows this...yet.



He's not terrible, just good, and no more. SDMK, I think that you should give his personality and quick, because people could give a random personality, just like Unten's case. He is also a bit imcomplete, too. This deserves an overall of...

6/10 Don't cry, it's okay. At least it is not below the overall. See you for more reviews!

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