The Fantendo Fanon Character Review (FFCR for short) is a character review made by Samtendo09 (tbc). It will review many fictional characters on Fantendo by employees of such company and will give it at up to out of ten (#/10).


  1. To review a character from this page, you can click the character with broken link (requested) or a character that are already reviewed (reviewed). You must be honest and contructive in this one.
  2. You must be an employee to review any of these characters. Ask permission here or in Samtendo09's talk page.
  3. If your character is not there, you must ask request for me on the comment or at my talk. Only I will accept any characters.
  4. You cannot review your own. It will not be fair, trust me.
  5. If any spam (unauthorized review, review of non-requested character, uncontructive critics, memes) are detected, it will be reported under deletion as soon as possible.
  6. Unlike other reviews, there are no order to review so you can instantly review you wanted! =)
  7. You must give a score out of a ten. No more than ten, gotcha?
  8. There are a Create box below, so write the cratacter (without the FFCR label) and click Ready! Here is the example; FFCR/Example
  9. Most importantly...Have fun! ;)


Requested Characters (NOT in order needed)

Reviewed Characters (With Overall score)

  • Swiss (6/10, Reviewed by Samtendo09)


  • The reason why this company is created is to make sure if any of these characters are "not overrated".

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