This Company Recruits!
If you are interested in the company, please contact the director of the company.
Flesh Eating Bunny Rabbit Studios
FEB Studios Logo
The current logo
Type of Company Video Game Company
Founder(s) ScorchingCliffs
Founded at/in 28th April 2014
Owner(s) ScorchingCliffs
No. of Employee(s) ScorchingCliffs

F.E.B Studios, or "Flesh Eating Bunny Rabbit Studios" is a video game developing company owned by ScorchingCliffs. It's games range from sequels to older games, collabs, original ideas, and aside from games, TV shows too!


Fanon Games

Original Games


TV Shows


Future Projects

  • Pokémon Dirt Version
  • Paper Mario: Bell of Espuroh
  • Spectrum
  • Mexica


There are 3 main classes in the company:

  • Master Bunny (The owner of the company) - Only one is allowed and that would be yours truly.
  • Loyal Bunny - the Second in commands: They will generally be people who communicate well in collabs and other works since the ones who communicate the most are the ones who ideas will be the ones most likely to make it in! I will trust these people enough so that they can submit ideas freely.
  • Bunny Hunters - These are the ordinary workers, who can submit their own ideas but must submit them to me first in which I will then let the game be apart of the company (assuming it's a good game).

Good Luck to all of you! ;)

Bunnies (Workers)

Listed below are the current workers in FEB Studios. If you want to join, feel free to ask in the comments and I'll then you'll be HIRED! Also please include an image to represent who you are :)

Name Image Status Catch-Phrase Description
ScorchingCliffs Leskyathan Master Bunny "Aboutabout" I may be the Master Bunny but I respect you all as my "followers" and together we shall create the BEST FREAKING COMPANY THAT EVER EXISTED! ...Who's with me?
Swampert lol
Loyal Bunny "SWOMPER" My Bunny Fandro here is a total boss! He makes many memorable characters in my eyes and overall, a great dude!
Soupy Soupistan Loyal Bunny "the epitome of strangeness with a hint of optimistic antisocialism" This bunny is the pinnacle of epic art for fangames... seriously... why is he working for me... I should be working for him XD

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