FDX-Athens, the Ginormous Heart
Full Name FDX-Athens
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Neutral (leans on Female)
Species Robot
Location Red Temple
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Class Protector
Red Temple
Family and Relations
Red Temple, Alcyone
Alcyone, Red Temple, Birds
Alcyone, The Threat, Rain
Ability/ies Enhanced Strength, Crimson Power, Scorpion Laser
Vulnerable To Being hit inside the center of body
Height 8'11
Athens, FDX-A
First Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory
Latest Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

FDX-Athens is a giant robot that guards the Red Temple. They first appeared in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory.


FDX-Athens is a 8 foot tall robot that is one of the larger characters in the Fantendoverse. It has a cylinder-based body and a hemisphere head. There is a tear that runs through the front of their head with one red "eye" in the center of it, shined to perfection. It's arms and legs are made of spheres and metallic parts that have red decorative lines that glow in the dark around them. At the center of it's chest it has a huge red line and a red diamond shape above it.


FDX-Athens has a somewhat up-beat personality when it isn't thinking about it's lonely existence and likes to dance around. While a lumbering giant of a machine, it's rather friendly and has many "bird friends" that it loves to talk with despite getting no answers. When around other people it tends to be friendly.


An ancient robot created by a long-gone race of bird-like creatures. FDX-Athens is programmed to protect the Red Temple at all cost, keeping bounty hunters and whoever else might want to venture inside out. However, it also feels somewhat pessimistic of it's existence. It is unaware of its organic heart and mind that keep it's system running, making them more than just another robot. When a certain someone comes to raid the temple, FDX-Athens' life is changed for better or worse.

Powers and Abilities

FDX-Athens has control of an energy called Red Energy, a energy that Bang Crimson has access to as well. Red Energy is a hot plasma-like substance that drains blood and turns it into fuel for burning attacks. As such, it can do completely devastating attacks with both it's weight and the sheer access to this energy it has. The way FDX-Athens has perfected it's power is dubbed "Crimson Power" due it's focus on strength as opposed to speed (unlike Bang Crimson) and as such is seen as rather slow due to this.


Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory






  • This character was created in tribute to .snickedge (tbc), specifically her Smash Bros. play-style and features many references to her.

Trophy Information


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