FD3 is what Fun Dimension calls their revealing of games/meetings.


There are two meetings per month.

1st June

Fun Dimension revealed their existence, as well as their plan to make Brick 'n' Block, Mario Superstars and Nintendo Time.

2nd June

FD revealed that Mario Superstar would be a baseball games (under the name Mario's Baseball Superstars) and that Unnamed Flower Person was indeed Lilly. Hazel and Destello were also revealed to appear in Super Mario Galaxy: Of the Third, where Destello is pilot of the SS Rosetta and Hazel is, as confirmed earlier, a rebel from Bowser's army. Rosetta was also confirmed for the game as Rosalina's young daughter.

1st and 2nd July

A sequal to Mario Enemy Party is being made with all new modes, new spaces, new items, even new bosses. Also Fantendo Smash Bros. Warzone has new info on characters new and old.

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