FANTOM is a Crisis Crossover ARG created by Sr.Wario, using the name of a planned ARG that was cancelled. It focuses on Fantendo characters joining up against a mysterious void commanded by a genderless being known only as AI. It ran for 15 episodes.


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Introduced in Episode 1

  • Danjixrus: One of few survivors of the Noxious apocalypse, Danjixrus was the only survivor of the coming of the Void in Noxious. Danjixrus is smart, ruthless, and sarcastic, caring little for others.
  • Data: A quiet tough cyborg who isn't too bright. He founded the group and has a fondness for his crew.
  • AI: The main villain, a powerful purple genderless figure who controls the Void. It can talk, but has a speech defect.

Introduced in Episode 2

  • Alice Harumi: A short tempered girl who can control the seasons. She has a good heart.
  • Bowie: Quiet, laid-back, and somber, Bowie is an adult teddy bear who can control earth.
  • January: A shy teenager who makes Apple Pie, January is good natured, beautiful, and patient.

Introduced in Episode 3

  • Mika Sho: Laid back and adventurous, Mika is a teenager who has pyrokinetic powers who speaks her mind. She has a crush on January.

Introduced in Episode 4

  • Guaptain: A young boy who uses the word "Guap" in his sentences, as an expletive, verb, noun, and adjective. He is armed with a laser gun and has a fondness for Turkey Legs.
  • Leah Needlenam: A psychotic woman who has a fascination with surgery, being an unlicensed practitioner. Leah's not completely evil, just very crazy.
  • Jane: A shy girl who was torn from her friends.
  • Reese: Cameo only.

Introduced in Episode 5

  • Reese: A relatively laid back seemingly non-binary human who talks very little, and isn't easily upsetted. He can open portals to other dimensions.

Introduced in Episode 6

  • Hama: A firey girl who is a professional fighter and one the Living Reminders needed to stop AI. She thinks January is hot, causing a fight between her and Mika Sho.

Introduced in Episode 7

Introduced in Episode 8

Introduced in Episode 9


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