PL: I've got nothing.

PL: We have to do tests. I have no idea who should be the first one to ascend.

PL: We've gotta talk to the others, YE.

AT: of course... wΔnnΔ set up that memo...?

PL: Not yet. I'll set it up when I arrive at my land.

PL: Netnu might be a jerk and an idiot, but he's a nice form of transport.

AT: whΔt's his deΔl, ΔnywΔy...?

PL: Unten somehow prototyped him. I don't know, I wasn't his server player.

PL: He was the first to enter.

PL: His land is the one with the big fissure.

PL: And it was initially populated by weirdos with big ears and a monocle.

PL: I have to say, prototyping Netnu gave our mobs a bit of style, but it also made them have traits from a hundred different mental disorders.

AT: i've noticed... whΔt they lΔck in strength, they mΔke up for in cunning...

AT: Δlthough i cΔn't see how; i didn't even think monsters could be thΔt derΔnged...

PL: And then, he had to prototype Mario's cap to give the monsters jumping skills and a mushroom fetish.

PL: And take away every single bit of class he gave them with the monocle.

AT: indeed... well, i don't suppose whoever we choose to Δscend is going to mind mowing through the lot of them...

> ============>

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