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-- angelicalBracelet [AB] began pestering transformingAluminium [TA]

AB: Ella, can you move more slowly? I cannot see you correctly since you're moving so quickly.

AB: I know you're kicking some consort butt, but I need to see you.

TA: Too Busy beating imps to hear you, Aingeru!

TA: Those Pesky mobs aren't going to beat themselves!

AB: Unten has ascended.

AB: We're at the top of the leaderboards.

AB: The Blue Team has hit rock bottom! We're champions.

TA: Well That's nice.

TA: Seems Like we're going to win after all!

TA: After I woke up on Prospit I thought we were going nowhere

TA: But Turns out the winners always get the gold!

> ============>

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