-- poseidonsLachryma [PL] began pestering aphasiacTanuki [AT] --

PL: Warning, tanooki: the Red Team has gotten the upper hand.

PL: One of their players just ascended.

PL: These are bad news, and we have to do something.

PL: I propose one of us climbs to the top of their echeladder, pronto, and then finds their Quest Bed.

PL: And kills themselves.

PL: I'll initiate a memo later to talk to the rest of the Blue Team.

PL: So what about you?

AT: i'm willing to do Δnything to help the teΔm, of course; you know thΔt...

AT: Δlthough i feΔr thΔt once one of us gets too overpowered...i meΔn, you understΔnd the implicΔtions, correct...? it could spell disΔster, some wΔy or Δnother...

AT: is it possible thΔt we could perhΔps eΔch tΔke on thΔt tΔsk together...? Δll of us...?

PL: It is not that easy, tanooki. Do you know the effort that all of us ascending at the same time would require?

PL: Not only that, but there's also the fact that, while we train and climb to the top of our echeladders, the other team might do the same and ascend before we do.

PL: They are already in a position above us: we need to regain the upper hand immediately, and I fear your proposal would take too much time to complete.

AT: i understΔnd... we cΔn't Δfford to fΔll bΔck... who do you propose will be the one to Δscend?

PL: We have one clear candidate.

PL: One who's simply destined to ascend.

PL: And that is...

> ============>

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