HU: who's your server player?

FZ: well

FZ: i dont know doezzz it matter zzzat much

HU: yes, it does.

HU: your server player has to deploy the machines in your house before it's too late.

HU: where's that handy enter chart when you need it...?

FZ: so if im zzze zzzecond to lazzzt to enter in zzze zzzed team zzzain

FZ: fzzzom zzze zzzeds who wazzz lazzzt to entezzz?

HU: oh, i do know that!

HU: the last one from our team to enter was strafe.

FZ: do i contazzzt him zzzen

HU: yes, definitely.

FZ: gzzzeat tzzzanks

-- fryingZapper [FZ] ceased pestering herculianUrsine [HU] --

> ============>

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