Chapter 2 

Lingering Shadows

The pale boy went into the hallway, seemingly waiting for someone, or something. Finally, he decided to speak.

"I know you're here, Murphy."

Suddenly, a ghostly pink figure emerged from the shadows. "Ah, Kiba! I've been waiting for you." it said in a ghastly voice.

"As have I." Kiba muttered to himself.

"You didn't forget our deal, have you?" the figure asked, a burning rage hidden deep within his calm voice.

"No, Murphy, I didn't." said Kiba, with a little bit of disgust in his voice. Why would he forget the very plan Murphy had been fussing about for the past years? 

"Good." said Murphy with a devilish smile. "I'll show them, ALL of them!" 

"Because revenge is ALWAYS the right decision." Kiba scoffed sarcastically.

"Hey! You're one to talk!" Murphy snarled.

"Oh you shut up." Kiba said, as Murphy's ghostly figure slowly dissapeared into the dark mist of the room. Kiba turned around and soon saw why.

A group of officers came in, one carrying an unconscious blue creature. "You're under arrest for violating Mr. Kento's Termination Act!"

"So, you're practically arresting me for existi-" Kiba began, but his wisecrack was cut off by the sound of handcuffs clicking to his wrists. 

Then there was a blur of light that covered the room, causing Kiba to black out.   

When Kiba regained consciousness, he saw that the blue thing was still unconscious, along with all the officers. He saw a man in green wielding a sword, who helped Kiba up.

"My name's Aingeru." said the man. "And you're part of the team now."

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