Chapter 1

The Termination Act

He was running. He didn't quite know what he was running from, as he had spent only a mere 4 or 5 days on this planet. From what he heard, they were called "the police." He didn't know if there were "policemen" on his home planet as well. As a matter of fact, he didn't know jack shit about his home planet.

All he knew was his name. His name was Unten. 

"Stop, blue evildoer!" said one of the policemen.

Evildoer? That was a thought that swam through Unten's head. From the very back of his mind, he could remember his father telling him stories of something called the "Great Beorn Wars," with brave knights and evil tyrants. He certaintly didn't consider himself to be one of those tyrants.

"Wh-what are you talking about? I don't want to destroy this planet! I don't even know its name!" said Unten, shivering from head to toe.

"You think that's an excuse? Besides, The Termination Act demands that superpeople like you are caught dead or alive. Preferably alive...." said the leading policeman. 

"The...Termination Act?" asked Unten. He knew nothing about politics, and frankly, he didn't care to know.

Three Months Earlier..... 

President Joseph "Snaily Joe" Johnson pushed the door open and sat in the chair. His client had half of his face covered, and he had large black and white hair, wearing a cloak.

"Mr. Kento, are you sure we can trust you with this?" said the president.  

"You know I have the best of intentions, Mr. President." said the man. "After all, why wouldn't I?" He smirked to himself, making sure the democratic president wouldn't notice. If he just kept up his nice guy act, his plan would go perfectly.

"I see." said Snaily Joe. "And your plan is to get rid of all supernatural personels, Mr. Kento?" 

"They are a threat to society, not to mention there are LOTS of 'em. Pyrokinetics, vampires, angels, you name it, they got it." said the man. "And you can just call me Danguro."

The president thought for a moment. "Well, it seems you've convinced me. I'll let the police know that 'The Termination Act' must be enforced throughout the city, maybe even the planet." 

"'The Termination Act.' I like that name." Said Danguro as the president walked out the door. When he exited, Danguro could barely hold back a laugh. His plan could go into full force once he had control over the military. Finally, he removed the cloth covering half his face, to reveal a metal plate. He grinned.

He was one of them. 

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