FANARCHY: WORLD'S END is an upcoming Fantendo Fan-Fic made by SuperSonicDarkness (tbc) and is inspired by Shattered Pieces: Memory's Requiem

Plot Synopsis

The existence of supernatural beings such as Unten and Alice Harumi are slowly but surely breaking down the fabric of society. During this chaos, a young cyborg by the name of Danguro Kento takes over the police force, and now the characters you thought you knew are on a journey to prove themselves as heroes, and bring back justice to a chaotic world. 


Main Characters

Image Character Description
UntenFissure2014 Unten of Zeon A young Beorn who is quite shy, and is unsure what to do most of the time. He is the main protagonist of the fanfiction.
KidKiba Vampyr Kiba Jr. Vampyr Kiba Jr. (or simply "Kiba," as his friends call him) is a young boy with vampire-like qualities. He tends to spend his time alone, and he hates being part vampire, as he has been ridiculed for being so.
Alice Harumi MoFS Alice Harumi Alice is a young and kind girl who is accused of being a witch as people noticed that she seems to be able to control spring. She is usually kind and helpful, and is still having trouble controlling her powers.
Mika Sho FJR Mika Sho A young girl who, like the rest of her school, was exposed to a radioactive artifact, giving her fire powers. She has been recruited for an underground team that is going against the government's laws against supernatural beings.
Aingeru5 Aingeru Aingeru is the leader of the Supernatural Underground that Mika Sho, Alice Harumi, Kiba, and Unten join. He is a stern leader, and can become enraged when is friends get hurt. 
Flip SSD Redesign Flip T. Frog Flip is a normal frog and friend of Unten, but is still being targeted as "affiliate of the enemy." He reluctantly joins Aingeru's team, but is he really just a normal frog?
CountAdoptable Danguro Kento A cyborg and rival of Daniel "Data" Johnson, he is the main antagonist of the fanfiction. He took control over the police force and is now leading a charge that is seemingly supposed to eliminate all supernatural beings. However, he is working for a darker cause.

Secondary Characters

Image Character Description
Starla Fantendo Starla Starla is the princess of a cosmic realm, but on the inside she has the personality of a normal girl. She just wants to relax, have fun, and not get caught up in Danguro's new Termination Act. 
Lumalee by Tom Lumalee Starla's loyal assistant, Lumalee is a kind and friendly Luma who can use the power of fire and ice. He usually acts as Starla's messenger for things such as The Termination Act. 
McBoo MM Murphy Quinton The former assistant of president Snaily Joe, he was secretly murdered by Danguro. Now his ghost lingers at lost parts of Snaily's office. The kind gentlemanliness of his living days are gone, and he now acts bitter to everyone, hoping to get revenge on Danguro for killing him and on President Snaily Joe for agreeing with Danguro's contract. 

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