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Chapter 5: The Tower of Sins

"My dear, we've found someone.", The Enemy says. I turn to look at him.

"You have, who?" I say, trying to sound my calmest while being hung by my arms from the ceiling of his tower, the Tower of Sins I believe.

"Well, remember when I inconspicuously read your mind and found out you had a boyfriend? You probably don't, since you didn't notice well ANYWAY, we've found him. He took my trap, all the way to Fantendo Castle.", The Enemy says with a cackle at the end.

Tom is here? Oh joy, the guy who leaves me outside to be captured while he takes a little snooze is here. What we'll he do. Oh, I think I said that last one out loud.

"Well, my dear, that's a secret.", he replies. And with that, he pulls a lever.

I'm going up. Okay, good thing I'm not that afraid of- actually, come to think of it I am afraid of heights a little bit. Okay, now a lot bit. Where in the hell am I going? The roof is opening, the roof is opening, the roof is opening. This isn't good. Not good. Not good. Not good. Not good.

I stop above the roof, as it closes and cuts my chains. Now I can move anywhere, unfortunately there is no reasonable escape route, I could only jump and kill myself. Could be an option. But, that Apprentice guy is here now.

"Elena, would you please sit on the chair." he asks in a statement tone, gesturing towards a chair.

I sit down. Comfortable chair, and- OH GOD.

The Enemy is here, similing as he presses a button. Instantly, I feel everything go numb on me and my energy is fast depleting. Is this the first torture? I sure hope so, this is torture right here. Then, I feel the numbness going away. Oh no. I can feel the pain now...

I can barely hear or see anything, and the pain is so bad that I almost can't feel it anymore. I can hear the two evil bitches talking, but I can't make out their words...

*Their words are shown for plot of the story*

"The girl isn't enough. Maybe...if we channeled her power into something less...substantial as me, we could- oh maybe, we could jump-start our little secret with her power...

"That's way diabolical, my lord. But, it shall be done."

Next chapter: The Attack on Fantendo Castle.

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