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Chapter 9: The Secret

As the shadow spoke his cryptic message, The Enemy appeared at his side. With a satisfied look on his face, and yet an aura of a "calm before storm", he moved between me and Elena.

"Thomas Kaldeen...Elena Hawling...the two foretold in my book, The Universal Shadow, bestowed upon me by my predecessor, and his before, as "the sacrifices to the Perfect One."

The...Perfect One?

"Of course, to be perfect in a world of shadow, you two must be exposed to is The Secret of the book that took me years to figure out. One must feel the most evil under the king, it says. For years I took it literally, and tormented the people of the Fantendoverse who were under the allegiance of The Fan for many years, trying to unlock the perfect one."

That makes sense, I guess...

"But recently, I realized that the king mentioned in the book refers to the king of evil, and so, because I had already scoured the Fantendoverse, I searched the Earth. And then the boy fell into a portal to this world, and we just took the girl right from under him. But, who is the most evil sworn to the King of Evil, that of myself?"

Just then, three pillars came up from the mosaic tiled surface. I was slid into one, Elena another, and then it was only The Apprentice and The Enemy.

The Enemy finished his speech, "That, my dear, is my own apprentice."

Shocked and betrayed, The Apprentice was transported into the third pillar, and The Enemy spoke a final chant.

"Demons of the Darkness, cast your power among these sacrifices and let them be forever combined in the unholy bonds of The Universal Shadow! Let them form the Perfect One of our evil world!"

And then, a flash of light, followed by black smoke to blur it out, as a visual of our own souls being corrupted by the evil of The Apprentice, and the demons.

Out of that, The Loyal was born.

The End F-TS

Fantendo: The Secret II - The Loyal is the next.

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