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Chapter 8: The Meet Up

Okay, so I was running.


The Enemy sent those shadows after me.

I made my way away from The Joywell Gate along this dirt path through the grasses of a forest. It was pretty hard, actually, with all the trees and rocks and other things. I could see a tower looming in the distance, and it seems to be the origin of the pounding storm.

As I continue onward, I realize that I posessed no weapon. If any shadow creatures were to appea-

Shit! Those very beings of darkness rose from the ground as soon as I thought of them! To bring about their appearance in my head must trigger their arrival. Surrounded, I have no choice.

I run right through the ones in front of me. Foolish, I know. To think that their bodies were wisps of shadow was a pretty reasonable guess, in my defense. They were actually portals.

Next thing I know, I'm stuck in chains high above the tormented landscape. With a quick glance, I realize I am on top of the very tower I was headed for.

And Elena is opposite of me.

"Hey!" I yell at her, but there is no answer. Now I was worried. What happened to her. Apparently, I also angered this shadow guy. He looked different from the rest.

"Would you shut up, she's completely devoid of her energy. Only what is about to happen to both of you can revitalize her. Well, not in the way you think..."

I didn't get it.

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