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Chapter 7: The Joywell Gate

The Enemy still has me in his tight grip around my forearm. I am dangling hundreds of feet in the air over the Fantendo landscape. Funny, those portals from earlier all lead to places in the same land. I guess they're not big on any vehicular transportation.

We're over something else now. A gleaming gold, shrine-type deal. 8 pillars around a circle with a mosaic of a gray head with purple eyes. Something sits in the throne. Oh, he spotted us. Hey, where are the ruling-class girls in this place?

We land in the center of the circle. The guy that spotted us happens to be the thing the mosaic is of. I hear The Enemy mumble something under his breath. This is The Fan.

"Brother, why have you descended with one of your pitiful sacrifices onto my land of golden harmony. We have been at peace; don't mess this up." The Fan has quite a more soothing and reasonable voice then The Enemy's deep, dictator tone.

"No, Fan, this is not a sacrifice. This is the key. I will use him to undermine your little "harmony" you hold so high in value. This is the end, my boy."

"So be it then, Enemy."

The Fan jumps high into the air, and flies down with incredible force, holding a large, katana-like blade. I see the letters engraved on its gleaming surface: "Blade of Harmonic Justice." The Enemy doesn't have one of those, but he does have insane dark magic powers.

Flashes of light, bolts of darkness, and the clanking that can be heard from miles is all I see, locked in my position by The Enemy's aforementioned dark magic. Come on, Fan, win this!


Oh no. Did I just see that. Tell me I didn't. TELL me I didn't see that.

The dead. The sky is turning dark, and shadow creatures start to rise from the ground. I have to run! But wait...The Enemy said I'm the key. He has to save me!!


Next chapter: The Meet Up

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