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Chapter 2: The Gloomdark Gate

It's a cold, cloudy night. I am writing this for my own safety; if anyone comes across this should I be missing or dead even, it shall give evidence of my location. Anyway, I was taken by a pure black figure, out of my boyfriend's car at a local gas station and knocked unconscious by its dark hand. I awoke here, in some sort of temple-ish area. I am surrounded by 8 pillars in a circle, and I am in the middle, standing on a mosaic of a white head with red eyes.

This is really creepy. I don't know what I am even supposed to do. And-

Oh no. Here comes that figure again.

He strides over to me in a strange walking pattern, almost like he's somehow floating across the ground. A gust of wind blows, and it reveals his face. A pure white head and red eyes like the mosaic, except the mosaic head, now that I have a better look, has a red hood, whereas this guy has a pure black coat. Also, his hands are white in fact; it must've been his sleeve I last saw after being smacked unconscious.

He speaks with an ominous voice that awakens the scary, ice-blue glowing eyes on the pillars, "Welcome, Elena Hawling, to your final resting place, the Gloomdark Gate. Do not be alarmed by the bitterness of that first sentence. Your death will be slow, and most certainly grueling, but also an honor. You will die as a human sacrifice to the everlasting shadow king, The Enemy.

What?!? I was brought here to die?! I have to get out of here, and fast. Without really thinking, I run for the space between two pillars, but I am stopped by an invisible, honeycombed wall that only appears when I touch it. So there's no way out. Brilliant.

That guy starts to float again. Only this time, he's going up and calls down a bolt of lightning that crackles as it hits the mosaic pattern. After the shock fades, the eyes of the tiled head glow their red color, and soon after the other colors glow until a figure of the same color scheme materializes in the center. It is a tall, slender figure, in a similar coat to the other guy, but only a different shade of red, like the mosaic tiles.

This new guy starts to speak, "Thank you for calling me, Apprentice. It seems my sacrifice is not taking accustom to her final hours' activities. Do not worry, my dear, for you shall serve the greatest dark ruler of all of this land!

That, my dear, is me."

So he's...The Enemy.

Next chapter: The First.

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