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Chapter 3: The First

A quick look around tells me that my girlfriend is absolutely nowhere within the vicinty around the gas station. I'm going to have to find her on my own. As I dial her number (201 - 554 - 1727) into her phone, my mind is rapidly flowing with scenarios she could've gotten into. A lot of them are scary to me. Some just make me mad. Anyway, her number dials, but as I half-expected, there is no answer. Crap. I hop in my car, key on the ignition, and speed off.

I'm heading to her house. I mean, it's technically walking distance, she could've just went home. No, it has to be deeper than that; she didn't answer me. But, I'll head there anyway. Missing things are always in the obvious places, right?

So I arrive at my girlfriend's house. Did I mention her name was Elena? That will be important later (some not-so-blatant foreshadowing for ya there), so remember that. Anyway, I ring her doorbell.


I ring it again. Alright, something has got to be up here.


At this point I'm practically shaking. Can anyone see me? I didn't think so, and proceed to kick down the front door. This above all else should get their attention, and cost me about $300. Yeah.

Strange, no one runs out or is screaming for someone to call the police. What is going on? I start to take on a panic mode and run around their house, trying to find anyone. Kitchen, no. Dining room, no. Master Bedr- *gasp*

There lie Elena's parents, both stabbed to death, with each a note on their chests. I almost run straight out of the house and forget everything, but for Elena, I walk over and read their notes.

Her mom's reads, "Here lie in peace the female parent of The Enemy's sacrifice." What?

Her dad's says something way more creepy. "We have found you, Thomas Kaldeen. Prepare to die."

Wait...that's m-

Immediately I am hit hard in the back of the head with something, and fall to the floor. Not out yet, I look up to see, quite possibly the most confusing thing ever. This cute, little yellow mouse-like creature with these ominous black eyes struck me so hard. I get up and reach to throw the little bastard, but it emits a powerful volt of electricity into my right arm and through the rest of me, and I pass out.

I wake up to these words.

"Hello...hello? Did Sunnyscythe get to you? Oh goodness, you are our last hope. Please...wake up..."

Next chapter: The Fantendo Castle.

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