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Chapter 6: The Attack on Fantendo Castle

Unten was terrified. I was terrified. That sounds s familiar...but I can't make it out. Unten takes my hand and almost pulls me down trying to run. Luckily, I keep up the pace and we get to the door in a quick amount of time. We open it...

Evil creatures. A whole mess of villainous humans, something like a dozen or so. Before we can charge through, they charge at us! We run backwards now, desparetely evading the coming assault. Somebody in a grey suit with a red gem fires a purple fireball at us, and we fall to the ground because of the aftershock of its impact with the stone wall behind us. Here they come.

They aren't charging anymore...they're kind of moving around us, like they don't want us to escape something else...A figure is rising behind them...

It's him. I know him the minute I see his figure. I forgot to mention I had a dream while sleeping in that bathroom. A dark stormy night as Elena is being killed, he appears and stops me from saving her. But she's nowhere to be found...and I don't this guy's name. But I recognize him, oh yes.

"My friends...where is the king?" he asks.

Unten answers, shaking, "H..He...I am."

"...Unten, I had no idea you were...such a terrible liar. WHERE is he?!"



The Enemy...oh shit. The Enemy. Elena. Sacrifice. She is here!

I involuntarily jump up and crash through the wall of villains, and walk right up to The Enemy himself.

"What have you done with Elena?!"

With a cackle, he replies, "Thank you for offering yourself up to me, foolish Earth peasant!"

He grabs me by the arm, and I just hang there, lifeless. I'm still alive, but...he seems to have taken my energy. Then, he floats upward and a bolt of lightning creates the hole in ceiling that allows our exit. I see the evil guys pile on Unten, and I can only assume...the worst.

Up in the air, The Enemy proclaims something I know will be very bad.

"When I find The Fan, death shall be upon him and that puppet king, Plumber."

Next chapter: The Joywell Gate.

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