F.A.N.T (or Forces Against National Threats) is an independent organization within the Fantendoverse, created to deal with supernatural threats and objects on Earth in the aftermath of the cataclysmic events of Fantendo - Genesis.

Despite their goal being to eliminate hostile supernatural beings, they also work in tandem with friendly ones quite often, having various supernatural agents and teaming up with various heroes of the Fantendoverse in the case of a large emergency.


Fantendo - Genesis

F.A.N.T is formulated as an idea by President Independence, who elects Rizzo for the role of director, which she accepts. Rizzo also appears as a minor character working for the FBI.

Fantendo - Showcase

Eric Sinn makes a cameo in Issue 6 of Volume 1. In addition, F.A.N.T ally Hugo Logia is the focus of this issue.

Fantendo - Gaiden

Season 1's overarching plot revolves around F.A.N.T Squad 410 as they investigate strange creatures and objects across the world.

Fantendo Now

Various parts of F.A.N.T, primarily Rizzo, appear in Seasons 1 and 2.

Fantendo - Gaiden: Legacy

This game focuses around the 410 squad and The Operatives from January 2016 to the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory.

Fantendo - Journey

The Special Ops are an asset of F.A.N.T and Rizzo and the agents act as recurring secondary characters.

Fantendo Spotlight

Issue 3 centers around F.A.N.T ally Olivia "Blank" Melini.

Blank Out

This miniseries centers around Blank.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Various agents of F.A.N.T appear in the game and have a secondary role in the game's story.

Fantendo - Gaiden: New Dawn

The comic focuses on various parts of groups of F.A.N.T following Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory.

Notable Agents


Squad Leaders



These agents are not part of squads, but rather part of the supporting parts of the organization.


These are not necessarily agents, but have worked in conjunction with F.A.N.T and are considered friends of the organization.

The Operatives

F.A.N.T's special team of powered individuals assembled to battle threats larger than their regular squads can handle alone.

Special Ops

A team assembled by Rizzo in order to take on specific threats like D'Angelo & Sons. Upon foiling D'Angelo's plot to take over the Fantendoverse Earth, they were disbanded.


F.A.N.T is run and paid for by a number of member countries, who pay a fee to F.A.N.T to pay for all their supplies in exchange for their protection against threats.

F.A.N.T owns a headquarters located in Washington D.C., where all their operations are managed. The headquarters features an immensely large specially-designed underground prison to contain threats, a gigantic infirmary built to hold thousands, and several launchpads for airplanes to take off from and land.

In addition, it also has a giant garage, shelter in case of emergency, and a large hall from which Director Sinn and her assistants operate, as well as a large lab where scientists constantly work on new weapons and gear to make the job easier.

F.A.N.T also owns a large number of Airbus EXSR-012s, large Airbuses not available to the public that are built for F.A.N.T's operations, with each squad owning one. In addition, each squad is given armor, training gear, food and drink, and other comforts, in addition to the most obvious necessity: weaponry.

Contained Threats