F-Zero X2 is the newest F-Zero game for the Nintendo Wii U. It, along with it's counterpart game for the Nintendo 3DS F-Zero X3, will be released in Summer 2015.


The racing in F-Zero X2 is still the basic racing from before but with some major changes. The power meter, power boosters and boost power return, as well as many characters and race cars that have appeared before. However, now there is a hover jet, a super high tech racing machine that allows you to freely drive in the air when you go off a speed boost that activates it. You can also drive on walls and ceilings, but this feature doesn't appear much too often (like it had only appeared in one course in F-Zero X).

Each character has a special move. To obtain the special move, you have to build up the special move meter by driving on special move boosters. They are red instead of pink, the colors that the regular boosters are. Special moves include Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch, Fire Bird's Eagle Summon, and Lightning Man's Shock Flash.

There are lots of characters and cars in F-Zero X2, like . . .

Racer Vehicle Special Move

Captain Falcon Blue Falcon Falcon Punch

Fire Bird Flame Racer Eagle Summon

Lava Woman Pink Volcano Rock Spew

Jody Summers Summer Speeder Summers Punch

Blood Falcon Black Falcon Blood Falcon Punch

Dark Prince Black Racer Smoky Kick

Mr. EAD Broken Egg Malfunction

James Mcloud Arwing B-Bomb

Princess Sahara Royal Racer Crown Chop

. . . and unlockable characters (shown in the F-Zero X3 article).

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