1. This is Blue FalconBleusig.gif Falconsig.gifBlue Falcon's fan game/fiction.

2. The only ones who can edit this are: Bleu Falcon.

3. You may edit this IF you have Bleu Falcon's permission.

Returning Pilots

This is a sequal to F-Zero GP Legend

New Racers

Un-Returning Racers

  • Deathborn - Sorry, he may be good but he ends up dying in GX.
  • Gomar & Shioh - In GX it said it would be their last Grand Prix together due to marrying females next year.


  • Sunrise Cup
  • Day Cup
  • Sunset Cup
  • Night Cup- unlockable after beating other cups on hard.

Cup Tracks

  • Sunrise Cup
  1. Mute City
  2. Sand Ocean
  3. Silence
  4. Big Blue
  5. Red Canyon

  • Day Cup
  1. Mist Flow
  2. Port Town
  3. White Land
  4. Sand Ocean
  5. Lightning

  • Sunset Cup
  1. Big Blue
  2. Mist Flow
  3. Red Canyon
  4. Lightning
  5. Mute City

  • Night Cup
  1. Sand Ocean
  2. Silence
  3. White Land
  4. Fire Field
  5. Illusion

Difficulty Levels

Very Easy- Impossible to lose most of the time

Easy - Can lose but very unlikely

Medium - Sometimes you can win/lose

Hard - Pretty hard to win

Very Hard - Very difficult to win- unlockable after beating every cup on hard

Game Modes

  • Story - Go along 3 different storys featuring Captain Falcon, the un-told story of Mighty Gazelle and Black Shadow.
  • Grand Prix - Race the cups for the champian's belt!
  • Time Trials - Set records for various tracks.
  • Options - Set your preferences
  • Customise - Create custom machines, buy F-Zero machines and custom parts and other items.
  • Sound Test - Listen to music (Pilot and track themes) and Sound FX.
  • Movie Room - Watch movies from the story or special videos.

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