F-Zero GPX
F-Zero GPX Logo
The Game's Logo
Developer(s) Dark Flame Studios 5
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) WiiU, NX, Visus Sphere
1-4 Players (Local), 2-48 Players (Online)
Age Rating(s)
OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) Racing
Series F-Zero
Predecessor F-Zero GX
 F-Zero GPX is an upcoming sequel to the F-Zero Series, a racing series from Nintendo. It tells the tale of the creation of the new F-ZeroGPX Cup, the newest instance of the F-Zero Races and how Captain Falcon was able to climb the ladders to reach the top. It also includes a Non-Story Mode Racing section where the player is able to unlock various characters via alternate methods as well as unlock secret characters.


Exactly 2 Years after the events of F-Zero GX & AX, Captain Falcon had gone into obscurity after the disappearance of several villainous racers. However after the announcement of the F-Zero GPX new racers have turned up and Captain Falcon suspecting that one of them may be a villain in disguise, enters hoping to gain a reward for the capture.


Hydro Cup Growth Cup Ignition Cup Golden Cup Galactic Cup
Sand Ocean Synobazz Red Canyon Dried Mines Death's Wind
Big Blue Green Plant Fire Field Stark Farm Blacklit Slums
Black Sand Beach Devil's Forest Ancient Mesa Silence Outer Space
Mist Flow Acrobatic Jungle Forgotten Mountain Tenth Zone East Dodge Void
Port Town Lightning Giant's Reach Oil Glaciers Treacherous Smog
Deep Trench Casino Palace Crater Land White Land Planet Hopper
Ruined Metropolis Beacon Port Cosmo Terminal Eclipse
Aeropolis Cloud Carpet Wasteland Blitz Avalanche Mountain
Volcanic Pits Tremoring Cistern Wormhole Panic
Phantom Road Gravelled Cavern Asteroid Belt
Electro Zone Gaseous Rings
Concrete Maze Asteroid Spirals
Mute City
The Core


Starter Racers

Character Vehicle Character Vehicle Character Vehicle Character Vehicle
Captain Falcon Blue Falcon Jody Summer White Cat Samurai Goroh Fire Stingray Super Arrow King Meteor
Mighty Gazelle Red Gazelle Mr. EAD Great Star Kate Alen Super Piranha Mrs. Arrow Queen Meteor
Phoenix Rainbow Phoenix QQQ Rolling Turtle Baba Iron Tiger Billy Mad Wolf
Blitz Wagner Silver Thunder Dr. Stewart Golden Fox Clank Hughes Dragon Bird EX John Tanaka Wonder Wasp
Dr. Clash Crazy Bear Draq Mighty Typhoon Jack Levin Astro Robin Kumiko Fighting Comet
PJ Groovy Taxi Roger Buster Mighty Hurricane Megan Hot Violet Mickey Marcus Fireball
Nichi Wind Walker Octoman Deep Claw

Unlockable Characters

Character Vehicle Character Vehicle Character Vehicle Character Vehicle
Alexander O' Neil The Stingray Beastman Hyper Speeder Antonio Guster Green Panther Bio Rex Big Fang
Black Shadow Black Bull Blood Falcon Blood Hawk Dai Goroh Silver Rat Spade Magic Seagull
Professor Yazoo Jr. Jet Vermillion Gomar & Shioh Twin Norrita Dai Sen Gen Pink Spider Princia Ramode Spark Moon
Don Genie Fat Shark The Skull Sonic Phantom James McCloud Little Wyvern Kent Akechi Falcon Mk. II
Terry Getter Cosmic Dolphin Silver Neelson Night Thunder Leon Space Angler Michael Chain Wild Boar
Lily Flyer Bunny Flash Zoda Death Anchor Lord Cyber Sly Joker Pico Wild Goose
Rick Wheeler Dragon Bird

New Characters

Character Vehicle Character Vehicle Character Vehicle Character Vehicle
M-Meister Terror Clef Ragnarok Blaze Cutter Gordon Reemez Magnificent Millionaire Jujoju Draped Crusade
Wallace Yamango Hellfire Coldsnap Dr. Wy Big Green Box Percy Mina Plasma Elk Ashman Pyroclastic Flow
X-Bane Digital Gazer Ruby Claw Western Dive Sapphire Claw Eastern Dive Aromatic Thorned Devil
Black Thorn Thunderclap King Salt Death Bricker Vision Oculus Infiltration Steampunk Serpent
Copy Kat Kopy Cat


  • Like it's predecessor F-Zero GX, F-Zero GPX was not solely made by Nintendo
  • F-Zero GPX is the first Game in the Series to not feature any repeating courses in its Storyline (or equivalent for earlier games)
  • Excluding New Characters there are approximately an equal amount of Initial and Unlockable Racers in F-Zero GPX with there only being one more Starter Racer than Unlockable Racer
  • With 26 new race courses, F-Zero GPX has introduced the most new locations to the series, to date
    • The game introduces the second most amount of new characters (excluding DLC) to the series being surpassed by only F-Zero X which introduced 27 characters, 10 more than F-Zero GPX