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F-Zero DX
Developer(s) Pyro Enterprises
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Pyrohedron
Genre(s) Racing
Series F-Zero
Media Included Pyrohedron Disc
F-Zero DX is a racing game developed by Pyro Enterprizes for the Pyrohedron. Not much is known yet, but there will be the new addition of smaller, sleeker, bike-styled machines known as F-Unis machines.


F-Zero DX is a futuristic racing game where up to forty competitors race on massive circuits inside plasma-powered machines in an intergalactic Grand Prix. Tracks include enclosed tubes, cylinders, tricky jumps, and rollercoaster-esque paths. Some courses are littered with innate obstacles like dirt patches and mines. Each machine handles differently and has a grip, boost, and durability trait graded on an A to E scale. Before a race, the player is able to adjust a vehicle's balance between maximum acceleration and maximum top speed.

Every machine has an energy meter, which serves two purposes. First, it is a measurement of the machine's health and is decreased when the machine hits a hazard or the side of the track. However, due to the upgrades to the F-Zero machines since the last game, players will no longer take damage when hitting another racer. Second, the player is usually given the ability to boost after the first lap. Boosting greatly increases the racer's speed for a few seconds, but also drains their energy. Pit areas and dash plates are located at various points around the track for vehicles to drive over. The former replenishes energy, while the latter gives a speed boost without using up any energy. The less time spent in the pit area, the less energy will regenerate. Courses may also have jump plates, which launch vehicles into the air enabling them to cut corners.

There are two new mechanics in F-Zero DX: F-Unis machines and boss battles. F-Unis machines are much smaller than the F-Zero machines (approximately 60% smaller) are much sleeker, making them comparable to a hovering motorbike. F-Unis machines usually focus on maneuverability over strength, meaning they can make their way through tight gaps F-Zero machines cannot. However, F-Unis machines will take damage upon hitting other players, like the machines in previous F-Zero games. Additionally, F-Unis machines and F-Zero machines both use their boosts differently. F-Unis machines use their boost as an instant burst of speed, instantly draining 20% of their energy meter, while F-Zero machines have a steadier speed boost that drains the energy meter over time. However, both types disable boosting when the energy meter reads 20% or lower.

Boss battles are special events that occur either at the end of a Grand Prix or at the end of a story arc. They are usually large mechanical beings fought in either an arena or in a looping track Sonic the Hedgehog-style. These bosses will attack the player's machine with various types of attacks, occasionally revealing a weak point of some kind, which must be attacked with the machine's various tackling abilities. In a Grand Prix, all racers that have not yet been eliminated fight a boss at once, and the racer that defeats the boss gets 1st for the boss level. However, the more racers there are, the more HP the boss has.



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