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SSB FantendoverseUntenSSB Fantendoverse
A Failed Hero
Finishing Strike Midas Bolt
Home Stage TBD
Style All-around
Availability Shared

Unten is a starting character in F-Strikers, and the mascot of Fantendo itself. He hails from That One Series.


Unten is Fantendo's mascot, and the Fantendoverse's biggest hero. Throughout his journey, Unten has grown, and mastered many powers, from electricity to turning gold. Despite his legacy, Unten has also suffered from great failure, leaving him timid.

Unten's sword, Imperium, has a story of its own. It's not just any sword, but a woman in sword form. Unten and Imperium first encounter each other in Beorn Hallow.

Unten fights to prove to himself and others that he is still a great hero.


Unten is an all-rounder fighter. His statistics are very balanced, and he excels at nothing. However, he also has little weakness, as he has many tools for different situation.

Unten's projectile is rather basic, and his recover is standard, yet his side special can rack up good damage, and his down special also allows him to deal with projectiles. Unten's Alpha Skill also allows him to stop enemies in their tracks, allowing for followups.


Type Name Info
Weak Attacks
Neutral Normal (ground) Unten punches, and can follow up with another punch by pressing V2Action Green again. The second punch can be followed up further with a horizontal slice with Imperium.
Neutral Normal (air) Unten kicks outward, holding it for a moment.
Side Normal (ground) Unten kicks forward.
Side Normal (air) Unten hold Imperium with both hands and smashes forward with the edge of the blade parallel to himself.
Up Normal (ground) Unten uppercuts.
Up Normal (air) Unten swings Imperium in an arc over his head.
Down Normal (ground) Unten swings Imperium across, sweeping the opponent and potentially tripping them.
Down Normal (air) Unten jabs Imperium down hard, potentially meteor-smashing.
Strong Attacks
Standing Strong
Crouching Strong
Jumping Strong
Special Moves
Neutral Special Thundershot Unten fires forward a quick, electric ball. It flies forward for a long distance, and deals decent damage and knockback.
Side Special Lightning Wheel Unten holds an electrically charged Imperium out and spins it in a circle. Deals multiple hits, and its duration can be extended by rapidly tapping V2Action Green. However, the move grows weaker overtime, eventually losing its electricity and slowing down.
Up Special Imperium Upper Unten rises upward as he holds Imperium over his head.
Down Special Scarf Storm Unten spins around with his scarf. Deals weak damage, but reflects projectiles.
Variable Skills
Alpha Skill Electro Geyser Unten punches the ground, releasing an electric shockwave forward. The shockwave will stun opponents for a moment. This move will fail in the air.
Beta Skill Iron Piercer A slow forward stab with Imperium. Breaks shields.
Gamma Skill Golden Blump


  • Taunt -
  • Victory Pose - Unten holds out Imperium and swings it around, spinning. As he spins, Imperium reverts to her human form, and the two then pose back-to-back.



  • Unten was the first character confirmed for F-Strikers.

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