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SSB PalmManPalmManSSB PalmMan
minor miner hahahehe
Finishing Strike TBD
Home Stage TBD
Style Zoner/Trap
Availability Shared

PalmMan is a starting character in Fantendo Strike Force. He hails from the Fantendo Smash Bros. series.




Type Name Info
FS Normals Icon
Neutral Normal (ground)
Side Normal (ground)
Up Normal (ground)
Down Normal (ground)
Neutral Normal (air)
Side Normal (air)
Up Normal (air)
Down Normal (air)
FS Specials Icon
Neutral Special Napalm Bomb PalmMan holds a glob of napalm on the barrel of his arm cannon while V2Action Green is held. When V2Action Green is released, the glob explodes, dealing recoil damage to PalmMan but also dealing high knockback to the opponent. Flicking the stick will toss the glob in a direction. From here, the glob will attach itself on contact, including to players, and deal less damage but will no longer harm PalmMan himself. The glob explodes after taking too much damage, coming in contact with fire, or being detonated.
Side Special Blazing Gatling PalmMan holds out his arm cannon, as it spins and fires a barrage of napalm bullets. Damages first opponent in its range for multiple hits. Can be held out for a couple seconds.
Up Special Jet Burner PalmMan holds his arm cannon below as he propels himself upward with a flamethrower.
Down Special Blast Charge
FS Universal Mechanics Icon
Technique Detonate
Mind Strike Double Team DragonMan quickly appears and strikes the opponent.
Finishing Strike Serious Style


  • Taunt -
  • Victory Pose -



  • different facet

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