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SSB PalmManPalmManSSB PalmMan
minor miner hahahehe
Finishing Strike TBD
Home Stage TBD
Style Ranged Offensive
Availability Starting

PalmMan is a starting character in Fantendo Strike Force. He hails from the Fantendo Smash Bros. series.




Type Name Info
Neutral Normal (ground) PalmMan performs a one-two punch combo.
Neutral Normal (air) PalmMan performs a sex kick.
Side Normal (ground) PalmMan thrusts his cannon forward, loosing a fiery burst at the end.
Side Normal (air) PalmMan jabs his cannon down at an angle, loosing a fiery burst at the end.
Up Normal (ground) PalmMan's hair spikes up into sharp palm fronds.
Up Normal (air) PalmMan points his cannon above himself a blasts, propelling himself downward.
Down Normal (ground) PalmMan performs a sweep kick.
Down Normal (air) PalmMan swings his cannon below himself, dealing a few hits of fire damage.
Neutral Special Napalm Glob PalmMan fires an arcing glob of napalm from his arm cannon. Tilting the stick will alter the direction of the napalm glob's arc. Upon hitting a solid surface, it will leave a patch of fire for 5 seconds, which passively damages anything in its range. If the glob hits an opponent, however, they will be passively burned for 5 seconds.
Side Special Blazing Gatling PalmMan holds out his arm cannon, as it spins and fires a barrage of compressed napalm bullets. Damages first opponent in its range for multiple hits. Can be held out for a couple seconds.
Up Special Jet Burner Fires a weak fire stream from his cannon, propelling him upwards. Tilting the stick will angle PalmMan's flight. The fire deals minor hits, and overall this move provides lackluster recovery.
Down Special Blast Charge PalmMan plants a mining charge into the ground. Inputting this attack again will cause it to detonate, revealing a stalagmite that launches opponents before crumbling. Titling the input will angle the stalagmite, launching the opponent in a different direction.
Variable Skills
Alpha Skill Grand Glob PalmMan slowly fires a larger, floatier napalm glob forward. Upon contact, or after travelling a set distance, the glob will burst, dealing good knockback.
Beta Skill Heat Up PalmMan coats himself in flames. For 5 seconds, he will be slightly faster, Jet Burner will be slightly improved, and opponents will be passively damaged when making contact with him. However, PalmMan is burned for this duration.
Gamma Skill Double Team PalmMan enters a counter stance. If hit, PalmMan blocks the attack, while DragonMan appears and performs a launching sword strike.
Finishing Strike
Inferno Buster Level 1 PalmMan charges up his arm cannon and thrusts it forward, creating a fiery blast to launch opponents. If an opponent is burned by a napalm glob, the glob's burn effect will be consumed and said opponent will be launched further.
Level 2 Blast deals increased knockback and has a larger radius.
Level 3 Blast deals increased knockback. Instead of a large explosion attached to PalmMan's cannon, the blast is now a limited-range fire projectile.


  • Taunt -
  • Victory Pose -



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