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Nizzle and Zorp
Nizzle and Zorp by Nano
Odd Alien Duo
Finishing Strike Astral Orb
Home Stage TBD
Tier TBD
Availability Starting

Nizzle and Zorp are a starting character in Fantendo Strike Force. They hail from the Nizzle and Zorp series.

Role in Story Mode



Type Name Description
Standard Attack N/A Nizzle slaps in front of himself twice, then again if the button is pressed once more..
Forward Atk. N/A Zorp swings his eye-stalks down at the opponent.
Up Atk. N/A Zorp claps his eye-stalks together
Down Atk. N/A Nizzle juts out slightly from under Zorp.
Neutral Aerial N/A Zorp belches out toxic gas in front, dealing a couple of hits, while Nizzle bumps out slightly in back.
Forward Air N/A Nizzle grabs Zorp by his eye-stalks and swings him down.
Back Air N/A Nizzle grabs Zorp by one of his eye-stalks and swings him back.
Up Air N/A Zorp stretches up and gnashes his teeth three times.
Down Air N/A Nizzle juts his feet out below.
Neutral Special Pair of 3 Nizzle and Zorp toss out an object, which bursts upon contacting the opponent. They can toss three in quick succession and at varying angles. If an opponent is hit with the previous 2, the third will deal more damage.
Side Spc. Time Rod Nizzle and Zorp use the Time Rod to travel ahead in time, causing them to rush a fair distance away almost instantly. They move so quickly that anyone in their way is stunned. Due to the dangers of time manipulation, this move has a minor cooldown inbetween each use.
Up Spc. Zorpcopter Zorp twirls around his eye-stalks, bringing Nizzle up with him.
Down Spc. Drill
Grab N/A Nizzle grabs onto the opponent.
Pummel N/A Zorp slaps the opponent with his fish tail.
Forward Throw N/A
Back Throw N/A
Up Throw N/A
Down Throw N/A
Strong Attack N/A Nizzle gyrates under Zorp, covering a modest range on both sides, while Zorp stretches hisa eye-stalks up, reaching a good range above the two.
Dash Atk. N/A Nizzle slides across the ground while spinning, like a puck.
Ledge Atk. N/A Zorp, who is holding Nizzle, flips Nizzle up onto the ledge before climbing onto his friend.
Get-up Atk. N/A
Finishing Strike Astral Orb Nizzle and Zorp unleash a large orb of astral energy and launch it across the stage. Anyone hit is dragged away by it, taking multiple hits of damage.


Taunts, Win Poses, etc.


  • Up - Zorp looks down at Nizzle and speaks some gibberish.
  • Left -
  • Right -
  • Down -

Win Poses



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