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SSB CrowCrowSSB Crow
The Mysterious Swordswoman
Finishing Strike Atom Razor
Home Stage TBD
Tier TBD
Availability Starting

Crow is a starting character in Fantendo Strike Force. She hails from Crow Vs. series.

Role in Story Mode



Type Name Description
Standard Attack N/A
Forward Atk. N/A
Up Atk. N/A
Down Atk. N/A
Neutral Aerial N/A
Forward Air N/A
Back Air N/A
Up Air N/A
Down Air N/A
Neutral Special Sonic Slice Crow swings her sword and releases a crescent shaped sound wave. The sound wave deals minor damage and stops at one opponent, but has little startup.
Side Spc. Tension Builder Crow readies herself and builds up energy in her sword. When released, Crow will move slightly forward and strike with her blade, causing an explosion. A reliable kill move with enough charge.
Up Spc. Atom Splitter Slash Crow swings her blade up and rises, with little explosions popping off the blade.
Down Spc. Deflection Technique When the button is lightly tapped, Crow will hold her blade in front of herself for a brief moment, countering any attack.
When the button is held, Crow will hold the blade out for as long as the player wishes, deflecting projectiles with the blade.
Grab N/A
Pummel N/A
Forward Throw N/A
Back Throw N/A
Up Throw N/A
Down Throw N/A
Strong Attack N/A Crow thrusts her sword forward, and her shadow appears and does the same behind her.
Dash Atk. N/A
Ledge Atk. N/A
Get-up Atk. N/A
Finishing Strike Atom Razor Crow dashes forward, leaving behind a glowing mark. Then, from that mark, a large atomic explosion bursts forth, dealing massive knockback. Anyone caught by Crow will remain trapped by the mark until the mushroom cloud appears.


Taunts, Win Poses, etc.


  • Up -
  • Left -
  • Right -
  • Down -

Win Theme

Win Poses



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